“A definition of love”

I know you lie
But I forget
Isn’t it sweet how we walk on a tightrope
While I ignore that you are several steps ahead
(I am a hundred steps behind)
Isn’t it beautiful how I see it all
And nothing at the same time
I give all I know how to give
While I keep overestimating all that you do
You do
And you do it for me, to me
I believe so
Isn’t it fantastic how wrong I am
I stand
But I ignore the shaking
As for noticing the tremble is equal to be crushed too soon
Oh, I prefer to do it later
Like real procrastinators do
Honey, you are flawless to me
And I will forgive you unconditionally
And I will forget whatever that makes me suspicious about something being wrong as long as you look at me
I think I love you
But I have never fallen in love before
Oh, not like this
I think I love you
Or is it just that I love seeing everything and nothing at the same time.


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