Dear honey bunny, you were lucky, was I lucky?

As you drank mate, full of dust
A pair of hands
Accustomed to work
As you listened to rock or some songs unknown
Your worn out jeans,
and a yellow shirt
As you touched wood
and smelled it too
I had scrambled thoughts
about to pronounce I love you.
We were far from being close.
Though I thought I knew.
We were never close,
But all I wanted was you.

I never saw you there,
But I thought I did
Pictures racing through my head
And a vivid language too
You never spoke your mind
But I believed you did
Your taste rushing through my tongue
And the word “mine” too.
You never looked me in the eye
But I was sure you did
The disturbing feelings inside
And the uncertainty too.

amateur carpenter
and skilled artist
i never cared about labels, but now they’re coming handy.
enigmatic introvert
and frustrating doctor in society
who would’ve known that unscrambling you would be easy if I had just separated you into pieces.
persuasive liar
cold-hearted boy
self-centered jerk
who never cared about real love.

And if this poem seems incomplete, it’s because it is an accurate representation of what you did when you left without proper consideration.


carpintero aficionado
y artista experimentado
nunca me importaron las etiquetas, pero ahora interesan.
introvertido enigmático
y futuro doctor frustrado
quién hubiese sabido que descifrarte sería fácil si tan solo te separaba en piezas.
mentiroso persuasivo
chico de corazón frío
patán egocéntrico
a quien nunca le importó el verdadero amor.

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